sábado, fevereiro 17, 2007

17 de Fevereiro

Primeira Hora

Blind Guardian - straight through the mirror
Burst - it comes into view
Sunn O))) - cursed realms (of the winterdemons)
Eyes of Fire - breath
Spiral Architect - fountainhead
In Flames - my sweet shadow
Centinex - new world odyssey
Sadus - cursed

Segunda Hora

Atheist - piece of time
Lamb of God - now you've got something to die for
Cattle Decapitation - the carcass derrick
Goatwhore - my eyes are the spears of chaos
Pig Destroyer - towering flesh
The Haunted - the shifter
Suffocation - redemption
Napalm Death - puritanical punishment beating
Misery Index - conquistadores
Deicide - crucified for the innocence