sábado, janeiro 20, 2007

20 janeiro

No programa de hoje ouviu-se...

fear factory -school
strapping young lad-hope
strapping young lad-the new black
anata - the great juggler
satyricon- a new enemy
lord belial - monarchy of death
slayer - flesh storm
slayer - supremist
bloodbath - year of the cadaver race
mastodon - the wolf is loose
mastodon - crystal skull
sadus - freedom

Fim do segunda hora...

the sword - lament for the auroch
the old dead tree - the knock out song
sinister - conception of sin
vomitory -retaliation
asphyxiate- the process of mutilation - cold blooded murderer
corpsefucking art - stop that pigeon
demiricous - perfection and the infection
pyorrhea -rules of slavery
dies irae- genocide generations
pugent stench - blood, pus, and gastric juice
belphegor -blackest ecstasy
lair of the minotaur- cannibal massacre
cattle decapitation - reduce to paste